The Adopt-a-Spot Program is designed to encourage landscaping in small locations such as traffic islands, median strips, and other undeveloped areas near roads and intersections

General Information:

We ask that the applicant identify an area they would like to Adopt. Choose from our list of available locations, our identify your own. The Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator will work with you to help define the boundaries of the spot.

Signage not exceed 18" X 18" and must not obstruct sight distance. Signage should simply state "Rhode Island Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Spot" and the name of the adoptee. No phone numbers, graphics or other information is permitted.

There is no fee to Adopt-A-Spot, however the cost of all planting material, the sign (if any), and maintenance of the location are the applicant's responsibility.

Application Process:

Applicants must fill out basic application including contact information, the proposed adoption location, a landscaping plan, two-year maintenance schedule, and a proof of liability insurance (naming the state of RI as "additionally insured"). We have specific requirements in liability insurance to project you and those helping you. A key item is having the State of Rhode Island listed as "additionally insured" on the policy. Click here to view a sample proof of liability insurance.


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Steven Cascione

Programming Services Officer & Meteorologist
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